Let it Be Beautiful

One of my greatest joys in life is dance. I LOVE it! It’s so freeing. I used to dance when I was a child and a teenager and kind of fell off for a while. It was mostly for my church and it was the strongest worship for me because it includes your whole body. You’re literally putting your all into it.

I picture myself dancing when I hear songs that move me. I can be driving down the highway doing a complete choreographed dance in my mind. I do this daily.  This past week I’ve been wanting to dance to Chris Brown’s new song “Don’t Judge Me”. The beat of the music and the melody of the song get me going. So when I came home today I looked up choreography for the song on YouTube. The video above is the one that moved me the most. The dancer’s name is Kenzo Alvares. I love the way he hits every accent and brings the instrumental to life. I also like how his dance is interpretive of the song.

I started ballet this fall to get a basic foundation because I never took formal dance lessons. I learned a lot about myself, like my left leg is stubborn and won’t turn outward without hurting, even after weeks. This makes it kind of hard to do ballet because the whole thing is with your legs turned out! lol! It was still fun though, but I need to find another studio that offers modern or contemporary dance for my age. It’s difficult when you’re a beginner to find an adult class, but hopefully I’ll find one soon. Until then, I’ll use my bedroom mirror and YouTube as my studio and instructor. Either way, I’m a happy camper 🙂

What is that one thing that you are passionate about and do in your spare time? Is there an activity you used to enjoy but haven’t done it in a while just because of life? What’s really holding you back from doing it? I encourage you to engage in it again (as long as it’s legal and morally sound). Do it with all your heart. I’m sure it will once again bring you great joy.



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