Missed Opportunity

“The best way to predict the future is to create it.”

I wish I would’ve remembered this quote before I had my interview today. I did not prepare due to a (little) bit of overconfidence :-/ I left feeling like I totally bombed it and a little embarrassed. I really hope I’m making it more than what it was and that I actually did well. We’ll see next week when the decision is made. 

In hindsight, if I wanted to predict a great outcome full of joy, then I should’ve prepared before hand in order to create that. Interviews are already stressful enough.

Moving on…I’ve forgiven myself. I had to remind myself of who I am. I’m a great worker. I’m skilled, educated and experienced in the position. Also, what’s mine is mine. If it is meant for me to have this position then I will get it. I prayed to God that I will, and I’ve got faith that it will work out.

What about you? I want to hear about your joy. How did you prepare your mind and heart today? Do you have a stressful situation coming soon that you’re preparing for? Share it in the comments below. I want to hear from you.




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